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Flexi Reel Systems

A Fully retractable barrier system for cordoning off areas, securing an exit or guiding personnel. A combination of maintenance-free, self coiling webbing units, either wall mounted or contained within a handy portable post, quickly connect to form a distinct barrier which is quick and easy to erect, whilst at the same time simple to remove and store. The Perfect solution to personnel control.

The Flexi- Reel System operates with either free standing posts 970mm high with 320mm base, weighing 15kg or wall mounted semi permanent units. It is even possible to use a combination of both types to suit the particular needs of the user. The spring loaded webbing belt 50mm wide pulls out effortlessly and attaches to the receiver end of the unit.

Also available are variations to the standard design, eg. 100mm wide barrier belts, a system for closing off gangways in warehouses or providing an arena for exhibitions or shows. Appropriate wording can be printed on the webbing belt at the customers request.

The free standing posts and webbing belts are available in a variety of colours to match the customers corporate branding.  Our products are made in house by our precision engineering company, Garwards. (  With the Flexi-Reel system you can be assured with the quality of workmanship, meaning they have a long life span.